José Ignacio has few places to go shopping. One small supermarket, two grocery stores and select clothing, furniture and hand-craft stores.
If you would like a greater variety and number of products, within 12 km stands La Barra, another village along the road, which boasts enough stores to find everything you want … or at least almost everything.

During the winter, at Bajo el Ala, its owner Paula prepares a collection of fabrics imported from India (silk, organza and cotton, which become exclusive designs of tunics, skirts, blouses, echarpes, shirts and pareos). A subtle, distinguished and trendy selection.

El Canuto, a multi-brand boutique that remains successful. It has imported clothes and presents collections of young designers, both Argentine and Uruguayan. It always has something exotic to be discovered, whether it is a vintage dress or an Egyptian tunic, which makes it a very interesting place to visit.

Takkai, a new store belonging to Argentine former model Patricia Miccio. It specializes in more classic collections, jean clothing by Rossana Bernardes from Río de Janeiro, the American ABS, pretty shirts and blazers of her own design, and it offers winter coats and boots. The bijou is particularly attractive.

At the Parador La Huella, the sales stand of the well-known French brand Lacoste has become a classic feature, offering the latest of its collection.

As for furniture and rugs, the Ricardo Paz’s store (La Siesta) is a must. Tables, chairs, stools and all kinds of furniture: replicas of antiques, rugs, blankets and corridor rugs, all very well decorated and very colourful, and of varied designs. Everything is made by hand-craft artisans from the province of Salta. Both Ricardo and his wife Belén are ready to explain everything and make one feel at home.

Besides, one cannot fail to visit the art galleries, craft stores, home decoration stores and even the small Mall, which boasts all kinds of merchandise.


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